Weekly Summary.
Listening to people’s feedback on the game is very important. Because of this, right not we are putting a lot of efforts working on improving game controls. Previous week we decided to create 3 different types of control and the next week we are going to test how people like it. I hope it can change the overall experience of the game in a good way.

Story time.
We think it is time to reveal a little story that is hidden behind Wooplex. This game is influenced a lot by the 34 year old Ukrainian cartoon called “Kapitoshka“.

Kapitoshka and young wold
Kapitoshka and young wold

Kapitoshka is a drop of autumn rain, everywhere he goes, flowers, grass and leaves start blooming. Meanwhile, young wolf thinks that every wolf should be angry and crafty, but he is not. While wolf is trying to fix this, Kapitoshka is making his best to make him kinder.

The idea of how the world can become brighter and nicer by a drop of rain reflected on the game. Even though, we do not try to make Wooplex game copy of the cartoon, if you look closer at our game you can find something similar.

Visually Wooplex reminds Kapitoshka. They both have similar shape and drops flying around. When wooplex is traveling everything he touches restores color and becomes alive again. World in Wooplex is going to be full of different flowers. By touching spoiled flowers Wooplex will fix them too.

Wooplex also inherited some of the abilities that Kapitoshka has. One of those is turning disappearing and appearing in different positions. That reminded us of some kind of teleportation. Wooplex can use his drops that are flying around and do something similar!